Wait.. What is a Vista?

“What are you doing now?”

“Oh, I took a position with AmeriCorps and I’ll be working as a Vista this year!”

*cue silent congratulatory nods because no one knows what AmeriCorps is or what Vista’s do*

Well, you guys should know. It’s pretty cool. Basically: People – recent college grads, retirees, and anyone in between, work with the impoverished around the nation and receive a stipend for their work, just like a paycheck. So it’s like volunteering, but you can still afford to buy things while you’re doing it.

Vista stands for “Volunteers in Service to America”. That’s going to be me this year.

Each Vista has a project, or a base-site. Whether its working with children, the homeless population, working on food equity, healthcare, or education, among many other social injustices. And they work, like a regular job, through a nationwide program (AmeriCorps) to help the community they are serving.

I will be serving in Albany, New York, working at both Siena College and a local all girls charter high school. I will be heading a project to bring more holistic health, more leadership, and more education, to the girls at the school.

Pretty simple, right?

Yea, I thought so too.

I’m going to be doing some really cool stuff, working with some really cool people, posting some really cool videos & posts this year. So check back if you want to keep up with how my year as a Vista is going. Keep me accountable. And if you want to see what led me to make this decision postgrad, take a look at my last post

——–> this way i think…

or maybe this way <——–

Still learning this whole blogging thing.

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