Oils have recently been gaining a lot of popularity recently for a myriad of different purposes and being the holistic brat that I am – I have been taking full advantage of it.

And I really, full-heartedly believe that you should, too. Old, young, boy, girl, I don’t care. Become an oiler. I even gave my brother some of my favorites for a christmas present (after I opened and tried half of them) (best sister award).

Here is some good things that you should know to start becoming an oiler.

IMG_3219How to use them: On your wrists. Yup. Just take the top off and rub it on. It’s all good. On your neck. Another good spot. Keeping rubbing. In a diffuser. Fill ‘er up with water and put 3-5 drops in. Then put like 5 or 6 more drops in. With a carrier oil. Use with coconut oil to soften your hair or your skin, Use with grapeseed oil as another moisturizer. In a candle. Get an unscented candle and make your own scents. Oh yea. Really go crazy. Name it something fun like “Laven-mint-wood”. That’s fun.

When to use them: All the time. Think of all the times you can say “there’s an app for that”. That’s about how many times I say, “There’s an oil for that”. Headache? Oil. Bad mood? Oil. Cramps? Oil. Muscle tightness? Oil. Can’t sleep? Oil. Can’t wake up? Oil. I’m not kidding – there is an oil for practically everything. Just google search “best oil for (insert ailment here).

IMG_3218Okay, which ones to use: Well, all of them. But here’s a list to start. I love my ArtNaturals blends. The Zen blend puts me to sleep every night and the Serene blend wakes me up and sets my good mood for the day. Call me crazy. Until you try it. Lavender and cedarwood are good for sleep. Bergamont brightens your spirits. Orange is good to clear the nasal cavities. Sage is great for cramps. I guess those are the top 5 I would recommend for beginners.


That is my rant about oils. I love when my friends text me asking about which oils I recommend for certain things. And when you leave the diffuser on all night, your room smells AMAZING when you wake up. Have fun with your new obsession!! Let me know how quickly you get obsessed and what some of your favorites are!

Dream bigger,

Beth Ann

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