Self Love Is Not What You Think

Guys, just so you know – this is coming from a self-proclaimed QUEEEEN of self-care. I am all about the health. Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy spirit, healthy life. Give me kale or give me death. Meditation & slow music is my jam. Love others. Love yourself. Yasss. I live my life on it all and my friends call me out every day on my “obsession” of taking care of yourself. Because it is so important.

But helllllo. We as a society, myself included at times, (but I’m working on it and that’s all we can ask of ourselves!!) love ourselves a little bit too much. And there’s a few things I’d like to say about that.

LOVING YOURSELF DOES NOT HAVE TO TAKE AWAY FROM LOVING OTHERS. Yup. It has never meant that and it never will. God made us to be in relationship, to be together. In Genesis when he forms the Earth, one thing at a time He looks at everything He has made in his image, and He says “it is good”. THE ONLY TIME He said something was NOT good, was when man was alone. So he made a partner. Hi. Okay, do you realize what I’m saying??? Stop focusing all your energy on loving yourself so much that you leave your relationships (friends, family, significant other, etc) out to dry. The relationships you have with others (including our God) is just as important as the one you have with yourself.

DON’T LOVE YOURSELF TO A FAULT. No, really. I’m being completely serious. Don’t accept the fact that you’re impatient and say it’s okay because “you love yourself” and the “right people will accept you for who you are”. Don’t go around gossiping and seeking worldly attention and chuck it up to it “being your personality”. Like. No. We are called to a LIFE of sanctification. That means making yourself better, or at least trying!!!! every single day. And I know that’s hard, but truly – that is self care. It’s not eating a 4th piece of chocolate cake because you deserve it. It’s not spending all night in the bathtub crying…. Well it is a little bit of that. But it’s also pulling yourself up, getting dressed and doing something to better yourself. It’s not living every day in complacency to who you are. It’s becoming better for your God and for yourself and for the people that love you. We, so often, put a focus on loving ourselves that we forget that WE CAN BE BETTER. And we should be better. And just because “the right people” will love us the way we are – DOESN’T MEAN THEY SHOULD HAVE TO.

Like I said, I am all for self-love. And a lot of the time, you need quite a bit of self-love to be able to start bettering yourself. But please, I ask you, in this period of high jealousy and comparison; Don’t not go on your social media accounts, but look internally. Be jealous of the you that you will be tomorrow; Compare yourself to the you that you were yesterday – and realize: that opening your eyes to the life God has put in front of you – will get better, when you get yourself better.

Let’s all be better. Together. Not because we don’t like who we are, but because we love who we can be.

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