I went One Week Without Social Media And Here’s What Happened

Hello! My favorite readers!

By the ever-so-telling title of this post, you can see that I went one week without social media. Let’s get some context, though.

I felt, as do many people (I think), that I was spending too much time on social media, blah blah blah, focusing on other people’s thoughts/ideas/lives instead of forming my own thoughts/ideas/life. I do generally think that I use socials a bit less often than my peers. The only social apps I have on my phone are Instagram and Snapchat. I use Twitter and Facebook, but very sparingly if I’m super bored on my laptop. But I really do make up for it with the amount of times I refresh Insta and Snap.

So I just deleted them all. Blocked the sites on my computer. Cold turkey. See ya. Hoping to better my personal relationships? See if I could do it? I honestly don’t know what the goal was but here’s how it went.

Day 1: Hm. I keep picking up my phone and getting frustrated when I realize I have no apps to scroll through. Feeling fine, though. A week should be no problem.

Day 2: My brother did something super funny and I honestly feel like it was a disservice that I couldn’t snapchat it to my friends. Maybe it was good that I was present in the moment, though?

Day 3: I get out of bed easier because I don’t waste time scrolling and fall back asleep 3 hours back on my Instagram feed. So that has been pleasant. HOW E V E R, I am missing some motivators and influencers that I follow because I love their quotes and Monday morning stories. I need all the external motivation I can get.

Day 4: I used to not have FOMO when I would watch other people’s Snapchat stories of them hanging out when I wasn’t there. But now that I can’t watch stories I feel like now I have a fear of missing out on not having the chance to have the fear of missing out. Does that make sense? I guess I just want solid evidence of what people are doing without me. That’s a first world problem if I’ve ever heard one.

Day 5: I used to send and receive a lot of memes to my one friend on Instagram. I bet he really misses me.

Day 6: I spent 30 minutes scrolling through the News app on my iPhone. HA does anyone actually use that app? I feel like I kind of like it now. At least I’m learning? Becoming more educated? Sure.

Day 7: So last day. It honestly wasn’t that bad after I got used to it. I was thinking I would come to this great realization that I don’t need any social accounts but I already redownloaded my apps. It was a good try, though.

Conclusion: I don’t know. In this day in age it makes sense for people to have social media – I like taking 10 second videos of my brothers and dad and posting them. I do it for the laughs.

People can say social media is a waste and it’s ruining our lives all they want. I mean, it probably is true to an extent. But we’ve all become used to it. And by a majority, there are so many positive ways to use it. Talking to friends that live far away, following positive influencers, sending memes. All great things.

I don’t know. If you think you’re wasting too much time on social media… maybe just get some self control or something? That’s what I’m gonna try at least.

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