I forgot I had a blog…

But if you think I’m not going to be one of those girls that starts posting on a blog because she’s going abroad… BOY ARE YOU WRONG.

Hey, it’s me Beth. I went on my blog and was going to post a draft so I could get some clicks on my site, but when I opened up my posts page… nothing but crickets. Yup. This fine specimen of a human and terrible specimen of a writer has N A D A.

So as the clock ticks tell me to go to sleep, I’m going to write a little teaser for y’all 😉

I’m restarting the blog. And I’m doing it for real this time. Because I’m going to have some good experiences. And I’m good at writing  typing them out. And I think some of you would enjoy reading it (here’s looking at you Mom, and Matt, and Dad if he can figure out how to get here).

SO A N Y W A Y –

I’m sure most of you know (because I can’t shut up about it) that I’m going to be studying for my Masters degree in Bilingual Education in Madrid, Spain next year. Actually, like 2 months from now. It’s crazy how quickly it has come.

But tons of people have been asking questions about my program, how I got into it, why I decided on Education after spending so much money on a business degree, blah blah blah.

So I’m going to keep everyone in the loop 🙂 You’re welcome!!

I’ll start with posts about the process of applying and everything that has led me to this point, and then obviously we’ll get into the fun stuff once I am actually going! I’ll post tons of pictures and videos, and I’ll try to keep my stupid jokes to a minimum so I really hope you guys follow along


Love y’all! Dream on,

Beth Ann

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