Law of Attraction? Who knows. . .

When I was a junior in high school I found a YouTuber named Mimi Ikonn and I watched her videos for HOURS on end. Like really. I’d watch for days at a time (if you’re wondering what’s changed in the past 5 years, I can confidently say the answer is nothing). And I stumbled across a video she had made about the Law of Attraction and her dream board. To which my immediate thought was, “okay Beth. Exit now. Unsubscribe. This lady is a crazy control freak.” But boy was I wrong. (Mimi, to this day is one of my favorite vloggers and she continues to motivate and inspire tons of people on her channel with positivity and abundance thinking.) I continued watching the video and she mentioned a documentary called “The Secret”, which goes into depth about the Law of Attraction. If you have never heard of this law, it essentially means that what you think about, you obtain – whether you are thinking negatively or positively about it. And let me just say, I am not super woo-woo but the Universe is a pretty crazy place and God works in some super cool ways.

So as a 17 year old with a head full of dreams and nothing to lose, I decided to try the silly dream board thing out for myself. I printed out a bunch of pictures from the internet, traced some drawings, and hung up some spiritual things I had laying around. And, let’s just say I went hard in the paint. Like really. I didn’t have a dream board; I had a whole dream wall above my bed. And I looked at it every day and every night and a few times in between. Eventually, it became part of my room decor. I barely even realized what I was looking at anymore because I was so used to it. I kept the pictures up until I came home from college after my sophomore year. I took them down, not disappointed, but just convinced that the “dream board wall” wasn’t really my thing anymore. I hadn’t accomplished any of those things and to be honest I had grown out of the phase that left me thinking that all my dreams were obtainable (ugh. sad. I know. keep reading!!!).

However, I did put some of the pictures in a box of keepsakes that I’ve had for a while. A cut out of the country of Brazil. A cut out of Spain. A picture of the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. An album cover from a band called Need To Breathe. A tea shop across from the Kensington Palace in London. The first poem I had ever written.

I found that box a few days ago. And I was pretty mesmerized at the things I put in there. I went to Brazil during my Senior year of college. I’m moving to Spain in two months, where I will live minutes away from the Plaza Mayor. I went to a Need To Breathe concert with one of my best friends the day after my 21st birthday. (And to make that one even better – we were sitting in absolute NOSEBLEED, like literally last row in the concert hall, seats. And a guy came over and gave us fourth row seats minutes before the concert started.) I’m taking a trip to London with my favorite woman in the world, my mom, later this summer. I have written many, many poems and am hoping to get the courage to publish them some day.

It’s so crazy. As all of these things happen, I barely even realized that they were the things that I dreamt of for my future self. It’s hard not to feel incredibly blessed and grateful for the abundance that we live in. And a little woozy at the thought that God allowed the Universe to construct in such a way that he made all of these dreams for myself come true. It truly is all so amazing. And He does this every day. For everyone.

In 2013, I had no idea that I would meet a Brazilian that would become my best friend and give me the opportunity to go there two years later. In 2013, I had no clue that Madrid would have to most amazing Masters programs perfectly aligned to my future goals and be financially obtainable. I had no idea that I was going to meet a friend that was just as obsessed with Need To Breathe as I was and take me to NYC for my birthday. I had no idea I had the capability to write more than one poem (eh still debatable, though). I had no idea that the nights I spent researching my trip to London and tweeting that I was planning a trip for “like 4 years away” was actually going to happen. In that exact timing. Wow.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 1.08.12 AM

I think I just want to say that I learned a little bit about myself over these past few years. And taking the time to make a dream board (or a list or whatever floats your boat) can really help provide some insight into what you truly want in life. And even if you are thinking about it subconsciously, there’s at least a little bit of truth to the Law of Attraction.

So my advice (as if I’m even remotely qualified to be giving anyone advice) would be: If there is something that is on Earth, it is possible for you. And for anyone. On top of that, your reality is what you make it. And what you make of it, begins with your thoughts. So as cheesy as it is, my advice is be positive. Tell yourself you can get there. Be grateful for where you’re at. And thank God for everything.

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