Make Monday Feel Like Saturday

You may be asking yourself: Is Beth posting on her blog again? Is she going to actually be consistent this time? Does she even actually like writing because she often forgets to do it?

Well let me assure you – I do not, in fact, know if I’m going to stay consistent. But I am going to try. I do, in fact, have an abundance of free time on my hands these days. And I do, in fact, actually like writing. So while I pretend that I’m qualified to write a book, I figured I would try and start posting on ye old faithful – the blog.

I’m going to make it very easy on myself by only posting a few times a week (meh. if that) but starting with every Monday. As if I am a person who is qualified to be doing any of this, and as if anyone actually gives a shit about what I’m doing or what my opinion is on anything.

Yea, so anyway, while we pretend those things are true, I’ll hit y’all up with a post every Monday about my weekly faves – like what I’m listening to, reading, writing, etc. So without further ado, here is what I am…

Listening To…

Currently & for the past week I have been listening to a beautifully curated Spotify Playlist by yours truly. (I will forever have the highest esteem regarding my own taste in music.) It’s a lot of… alt-Rock? Does that sound stupid? Mixed with some pop music. I will warn you, some songs on there are from Tik Tok. Believe me, I hate me more than you do. But some of the songs are just good. Read: Moral of the Story by Ashe and Niall Horan.

The title of the playlist is accurately:

will my jordan year ever be my jordan year

Read into it however you want. I’m doing fine, I swear. Listen Here:


Um. Wow. Already on the first week – I hate to admit it but… I’m not reading anything. Like, at this particular minute. I have a few books that I have bookmarks halfway through. But this is supposed to be like a weekly thing, and I haven’t picked up any of those books in at least a week. All great books. But I guess you’ll have to wait until I pick them up again to find out what they are.


As my best friend Iliana shamed me today on the phone – I am definitely in a reality show binge watching phase. Which is… I’m not going to say it’s unlike me… but it’s definitely a rare phase for sure.

I’ve been catching up on Bachelor: Greatest Seasons on Monday nights with one of my favorite brothers and his girlfriend. (Sorry Matt, I just outted you as being part of the Bachelor Nation.) But it’s nice because Lexi also makes us dinner when we watch. SpoilED.

I also jumped on the 90 day Fiance trend last night. Only an episode or two in though, so I don’t have a huge opinion other than just ….. Wow. Like. For real. Wow. I’ll keep you updated on how that goes.

As far as movies go, I watched two of Pete Davidson’s movies on Hulu. Well, I think one was Hulu and the other might have been an illegal website. But my memory doesn’t serve me. 🙂 I don’t super love Pete Davidson. At least not like my friend Amanda does. That’s her kinda guy – tall and funny and looks malnutrition-ed a little bit. But I thought the movies were good nonetheless. That probably had more to do with Judd Apatow than Pete, though.


Well, obviously like I said I’m pretending that I’m qualified to be writing a book. Which is great and fun but I totally kind of get why Ernest Hemingway, among many other writers, had a teensy problem with alcohol. I’m joking. Kind of. Anyway. I’m writing a book. I’m like 10 pages in. So. You’ll get more information as soon as I know it. Also let’s not forget that I’m the queen of starting things and forgetting about them, so don’t get too excited unless you want to sign up to keep me accountable. But yea. It’s coming, for now.

I’ll leave you with a little poem I wrote this week regarding some current events going on in the world:

you say “this is crazy. this will be in history books”
well everything in the past was once in the present

the present holds a chance
an opportunity
for change

you say “well its better than the world our grandparents lived in”

thats not good enough for me. nor should it be good enough for you.

we will not be able to say that for much longer. if we continue like this.

look inside
what can you do so that our grandchildren may still say
“this is a better world than our grandparents lived in”

Happy Monday,

Beth Ann ❤

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